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  • Kitten Care

    To enjoy all the benefits of owning a kitten, it is vital you take the steps to ensure he or she stays healthy and happy. This information guide will help you achieve this.

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  • Guinea Pig Care

    Guinea pigs make fantastic, inexpensive pets which are great for young children. They also develop wonderful personalities and can become very affectionate and live from four to eight years.

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  • Rat and Mice Care

    Rats and mice have been domesticated for over 100 years and often suffer from a bad reputation, connected to their wild counterparts. However, these modern pets are actually quite clean, highly intelligent and very social animals, making fantastic pets for children and adults.

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PETstock Veterinary Hospital

PETstock Veterinary Hospitals are fully equipped veterinary practises, set up to perform surgical procedures and house pets for overnight stays if needed. Found at selected PETstock stores, our Veterinary Hospitals are state of the art, purpose built facilities offering a complete range of medical services including surgery, digital x-ray and dental.


PETstock Veterinary Wellness Centre

PETstock Veterinary Wellness Centres are capable of performing procedures such as microchipping, vaccinations and health checks. You can find our Veterinary Wellness Centres located inside selected PETstock stores.