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Our PETstock Veterinary Hospitals are caring and friendly practices, dedicated to providing your pets with the best veterinary care possible.

State of the art, purpose built facilities offering the best in veterinary medicine, PETstock VET offer a complete range of medical services including a fully equipped surgery, digital x-ray and dental suite.

Our skilled vets and nurses undergo constant education and training to maintain the most current medical knowledge.

If your pet must stay with us in hospital or undergo surgery, you can rest easy knowing your buddy is in safe hands, in a comfortable and hygienic environment. PETstock Veterinary Hospitals use the safest, human grade anaesthetics and digital monitoring systems; your pet will also have a dedicated theatre nurse alongside them throughout the whole procedure.

Open seven days, our PETstock Veterinary Hospitals operate within your local PETstock store, so you have the convenience of having everything in one place each time you visit.

State of the art surgical theatre with fully equipped patient monitoring devices. We use human grade anaesthetics and our qualified surgery nurses assist our vets in ensuring the safest possible anaesthesia and recovery.

The latest x-ray equipment with digital processing providing crystal clear x-rays for precise diagnosis of your pet.

Our in-house laboratory enables rapid results for blood testing of cells and electrolytes as well as pre-surgery blood profiling. We also refer to external pathology labs for more involved analysis.

Dental care for your pet is of paramount importance and cannot be under-estimated. PETstock VET has a full dental suite including high speed drills and polishers for the ultimate in dental care.

Permanent microchip implanting is available on the spot or can be incorporated during your pets de-sexing procedure.

NOTE: Anaesthesia is not required for implantation

Vaccinating is still the best way to prevent life threatening diseases in your pet and the community. All vaccinations include a full physical exam and should become a yearly event in your pet’s calendar. Vaccinations only take 15 minutes and are available seven days a week.

Full medical and hospital facilities to accommodate your pet in comfort should they require a daytime or overnight stay with us.

De-sexing is a commonly performed procedure of domestic animals and can be performed in our hospital daily. This important procedure prevents unwanted pet pregnancies and undesirable behaviours, as well as life threatening diseases such as uterine infections and mammary cancer in females and testicular and prostate cancers in males. This procedure does not alter the nature of your pet.